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Would you like me to create a beautiful stunning website for you? I can easily do that, I create several different ways. Some taking a long time to make and some being done in a few weeks or even days. I will list the ways I create website and you can let me know how you would like one created and contact me and we can discuss it in further details.

​// Wix.com - This website you are looking at right now is created using Wix. It is a HTML CMS where you can store everything including documents and images online and are able to update and edit the website from anywhere with a computer and internet access. It helps to remove the whole process of having a bunch of folders on your computer all to make your website function. I can create beautiful websites very quickly and it can be easy for the client to use if you would chose to do future updates yourself. A website created using Wix could take anywhere from a couple of days, to a few weeks. (Highly Recommend) HTML5/Browser

// WordPress - WordPress is a blog type format to create websites. It allows you to purchase a pre-made template you like and I will be able to customize to your needs. It is best used for a blog or a website that needs several articles/posts/etc. posted often. To create a website using WordPress it could take a couple of weeks to a few months depending on your content. (Recommend) WordPress/Browser/HTML/CSS/JavaScript

​// Plain Code - A website can also be created using just plain code. This would require a large amount of work and time if you would chose this option. The time would be cut down if a pre-made template was chosen. These websites tend to be the hardest to update due to the fact they are not connected to a website that updates itself, such as Wix and WordPress. To create a website this way could take months or longer. (Not Recommend) HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/etc.